World Book Day: Book In A Box

5th March 2020
To celebrate World Book Day and encourage a love of reading, children have created a 'Book in a Box' each. Each person has tried to represent one of their favourite books, in a shoe box or similar, to tell others about it and encourage them to read it too. The children's endeavours resulted in some truly inspiring results, so the whole school held an exhibition in the hall for each class to see everyone's boxes, right across school. The project has got children talking about their favourite books, and thinking about which recommendations from their friend they might like to try next!
We have also launched a Reading Challenge for each class, as part of Leeds Year of Reading. Each class teacher has set a challenge list of age-appropriate books, authors and/ or genres for their pupils to try to read before the end of the school year. Every child who completes the challenge will get the chance to win a trip in July to Bradford Waterstones, in the historic Wool Exchange building, and spend £10 on books for themselves to keep!