Health & Wellbeing Fortnight- Week 1

29th June 2018
What an amazing first week of our Health and Wellbeing Fortnight!
The local schools' cluster has worked together to create a week to promote healthy choices and active lifestyles and at Westgate we've planned so much it's become a fortnight! As our PE subject leader, rs Hooper has worked closely with a wide range of local providers to make the most of what's on offer and give children a taste of lots of activities- and have a lot of fun!
This week has seen (in addition to the amazing activity morning for the whole school Reception to Y6 at PHGS on Tuesday) classes taking part in:
  • Karate coaching
  • Tennis tournaments and coaching
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Multi-Skills Festival
  • Skip-Dance workshops
  • Street Dance lessons
  • Bollywood Dancing 
  • Premier League Primary Stars PE coaching
  • Fruit Sculpture competition
  • Cycling coaching
  • Drama workshops about healthy eating