Chevin Partnership Musical Extravaganza III

16th March 2017
This evening we proudly took part in the third annual Chevin Partnership Musical Extravaganza. This newest tradition sees young music makers from the primary schools and high school in our Family of Schools- All Saints CE Primary School; Ashfield Primary School; Bramhope Primary School, Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School, Prince Henry's Grammar School; Westgate Primary School and The Whartons Primary School- perform alongside each other at Yeadon Town Hall.
This evening also saw the first big public performance of Westgate's own school orchestra, led by our music subject leader Mrs Durrant, as well as our choir. The concert finished with a joint performance of the fun round, 'Hey Mr Miller'.
Huge thanks go to Clare Nunn, music subject leader at All Saints, who is the grand organiser and mastermind behind the whole concert.