Whole School Sports Day

8th July 2021
Mrs Hooper organised a fantastic COVID-safe day at Grovehill Park today- including fine weather! All the children took part within their class bubbles and parents joined us as spectators. This is the first event we've held that has brought the whole school community together since the beginning of the pandemic and it's fair to say that the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After the morning with Reception & KS1, the results were:

  • Richmond 4th
  • Granville 3rd
  • Whiteley 2nd
  • Westbourne 1st

The overall results after KS2 had performed were:

  • Westbourne 4th 1681 points
  • Richmond 3rd 1753 points
  • Whiteley 2nd 1787 points
  • Granville 1st 1805 points
Well done to all the children for their sportsmanship and hard work.