Fair Trade Fortnight

10th March 2017
Westgate has marked Fairtrade Fortnight in a number of ways this year. We were delighted to welcome Chris Lillington, Assistant Head Teacher at Prince Henry's Grammar School, to lead a whole school assembly on Fairtrade on 13th March, supported by some of his students.
Mrs Hopkins also took 18 Y5 children to a Fairtrade workshop on 28th February along with pupils from other local primary schools, led by PHGS students and hosted by All Saints Parish Church. Finally, members of School Council took part in a Fairtrade workshop at Waitrose on 8th March. Here is what Stanley H and Nate in Y6 had to say about their visit:

On Wednesday 8th of March 8 school councillors visited Waitrose to find out about Fairtrade. Once we had met our guide, Jodie, we talked about banana split: what non-fairtrade workers are paid for each banana.

After that we were split into two groups to do the main activity- a treasure hunt. We were each given a sheet split into columns and had to find around 15 items in the shop. For each one, we had to work out: if it was Fairtrade; where it came from; which aisle it was in and how much it cost. Our team won!

Then came the most fun part: tasting the Fairtrade banana & chocolate!