Opening Day 2 of the Tour de Yorkshire

30th April 2016
Today, 15 children from Westgate rode alongside children from all the Otley schools (All Saints, Ashfield, Prince Henry's, St Joseph's and The Whartons) and members of Otley Cycle Club along part of the Tour de Yorkshire route, just before the Men's Race set off. The children represented school fantastically well, cycling past a crowd of hundreds and hundreds of people in the much-overdue sunshine. A huge well done to:
Y1: Ethan and Jacob
Y2: Evie and Leo
Y3: Georgia and Raphie
Y4: Alfie, Edward, Hollie and Merle
Y5: Joshua
Y6: Daniel, Dominic, Erin and Millie
and big thanks to Mr Hackney, Mr Pollhammer and Mr Barker (Jacob's Dad) for escorting the children and making sure they were safe. Another brilliant event involving our Family of Schools!