Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

7th March 2017
Today, Y6 children and their parents got the chances to watch a short play, Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes, written by our very own Boff Whalley (Johnny's Dad!) and directed by Jane Morland, who also performed it alongside Tanya Cusan. The play has been written specifically to support Y6 parents and their children with the worries and questions they mght have about the move from primary to secondary school.
Last summer, a small group of Westgate parents were part of a focus group that worked with Boff and Jane as part of their research for the play.
After the performance, parents were invited to stay to discuss their feelings about their children's imminent transition to high school. The feedback from parents who attended has been extremely positive, with one commenting, 'Every parent should have the chance to see this play.'
Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes is performed by Space2, an Arts organisation based in Leeds which specialises in community projects. Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes is currently touring schools throughout the city. We are really lucky that we got the chance to host a performance!