Sports Day

16th July 2015
On Wednesday Nursery took part in their Sports Day activities at Grove HIll Park. From Teddy Bear Relay to Bean Bag Drop everyone gave it their best shot and it was a great team effort- well done Nursery!
This morning, Reception and Key Stage One took part in Sports Day. They started with a round robin of field events, followed by fun relay races in houses, then competitive sprint finals for each class. The morning finished with a fiercely contested Parents' Race! At the end  of the morning, the results were as follows:
1st: Richmond and Whiteley
3rd: Westbourne
4th: Granville
Then this afternoon it was the turn of Key Stage Two. Again, the children took part in a wide range of activities, including a round robin, fun house relay events and competitive sprint finals, as wll as a fine turnout for the Ladies' and Men's races.
After all the Scores were added to the mornin's totals, the final results were as follows:
1st: Richmond
2nd: Whiteley
3rd: Westbourne
4th Granville
Well done to everyone for excellent effort and great team spirit!