Opening Ceremony of the Tour de France

3rd July 2014
This evening, 20 Westgate children sang with Hope and Social, along with 80 other performers from Opera North, choirs, brass bands and even a Roller Derby team, to open the Tour de France opening ceremony at the Leeds Arena.
This was the culmination of our participation in Hope and Social's Tour of Infinite Possibility ("TIP"), which has seen the band work with 150 children at Westgate in two singing workshops, followed by 60 children singing with them onstage at their first "TIP" gig in Otley. We were absolutely thrilled to be invited to join them for the crowning glory of their tour, to be the opening act at the ceremony in front of over 10000 people at Leeds Arena, and millions of TV viewers worldwide.
Everyone at Westgate says the most enormous thank you to the band, who have been so great with all of our children, for giving us the chance to be part of the most fun, joyful and uplifting project we have been involved with. Every single person the children have met through this has been incredibly positive role models and we have loved every minute... even the rainy bits!
If you missed us all on ITV4, here is the performance in question on YouTube.