Wild Westgate at Otley Carnival!

16th June 2018
Once again, Friends of Westgate did us proud on Carnival day. After School Council chose Teddy's theme of Wild Westgate as this year's Carnival entry theme, Zoe Hollis marshalled the troops and people set to work. Holsters, waistcoats and chaps were sewn, cactuses, 'Wanted' posters and saloon doors were painted, and everyone went about sourcing bandannas and stetsons in preparation for the big day. In the meantime, Jim Ibbetson quietly got on with the task of constructing an amazing prairie wagon.
With another fantastic turnout, we processed through the streets to the tune of 'Rawhide' and 'The Deadwood Stage', and were rewarded with second prize for the brilliant team effort!
We were informed on 22/06/18 that Wild Westgate is this year’s winner of the Wilkinson Trophy aka The People’s Choice Award, which is voted for by the general public on the day of the carnival!