Speak Up Poetry Competition at GSAL

16th March 2016
Mrs Rich and Ms Carpenter accompanied Esther, Georgia, Stanley H and Stanley J in Y5 to an exciting poetry workshop and competition at GSAL (The Grammar School at Leeds) today. Through the day, they worked with Khadija and Rahima Ibrahiim, internationally renowned writers and poetry performers, who run Leeds Young Authors. Together with children from other schools across Leeds, they worked to create a group performance of the poem, Kayak, before composing their own poem and designing its performance, taking inspiration from the Olympic Games in Rio this summer.
In the evening, they performed their work to an audience and a judging panel in GSAL's drama studio. Every group performed fantastically well and the atmosphere was brilliant. The overall winners of the competition were Little London Primary school, who blew us away with a bravura performance. However, we were delighted to be told that Westgate's group won the award for Most Striking Line, for "I am harmonious diversity". Well done children!