4th October 2014
Ms Carpenter has just completed her visit to Shanghai. As headteacher of Westgate, she was selected to take part in the DfE's China-England Mathematics Teacher Exchange Project, through the new Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub based at Harrogate Grammar School. Along with around 70 other primary school teachers and senior leaders from across England, she has just spent a fortnight in Shanghai, visiting a primary school in Shanghai, to learn about mathematics teaching there. It was a very exciting visit and the teachers who went had the opportunity to observe and work with Shanghai teachers through the project. The next part of the project will involve Shanghai teachers visiting schools later this year, including Westgate, to work with English primary school teachers in our classrooms. This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers from different education systems to learn from each other and share their best practice, to benefit all of our children.
Ms Carpenter, with 5 other English teachers, spent time at Minhang Experimental Primary School, a school of over 5000 pupils! All the teachers were made very welcome and the Chinese teachers were very kind during our visit, while the children were very eager to meet their visitors and practise their English!
We are looking forward to welcoming Teacher Helen and Teacher Jason back to us in March 2015 and in the meantime will be beginning to try out some of the things observed in Shanghai during the visit.