News from BASIK

12th March 2015
We recieved the following message via BASIK about the progress of the school and how the money raised by BASIK is helping them:
I am sure you are doing very well. I am also well in Kenya with my family. The TECDI project is also doing well. These following are high exam results of our children for 2014;

1). Shadrack Malii-B+ (qualifies to join University in September)
2). Hellen Mulei-D plain (qualifies to join polytechnic or another course)
3). Shadrack Makau-under BASIK sponsorship-B (plain)-(qualifies to join University in september)
4). Safari Richard-under BASIK sponsorship-B- (minus)-(qualifies to join college)
5). Kioko Ngombalu-under BASIK sponsorship-B (plain)-(qualifies to join a college)

I have also attached the photos showing the class construction progress. The 1-2 photos shows the classes (i think by now you know that the one with the white roof are the ones BASIK is funded; the other was funded by government of Kenya). These photos shows that roofing was completed, wall plastering inside and outside is on going and about to be completed. This will be followed by the floor and final painting of the building then handover to the school in a community ceremony in April or May 2015. Photo 3 shows key people who have been very key in the project implement from left is Monika Munyalo-TECDI officer, Samuel Mwania Kiiti-TECDI Advisor, Nyamai Mbindu-TECDI chairman, John Nzuki-Government Officer-Kasaala, Josephat Muli-Head Teacher in James Ndonyi Secondary School, and Kituku Singi (Mason Supervisor, injured in bicycle accident in December 2014 and walking in crutches as he supervisors the final construction of this work). Photo 4 is still the same but i replace Nyamai Mbindu, who was talking this photo. The work is going on well and and as at now we have spend 750,000Ksh to put up the class to this stage.

I have no words to thank all of you the donors, many people in the village who have worked tirelessly to make the work a great success.

May the Almighty God bless all of you and grant you long life of health and peace.