FOW Easter Fair

19th March 2016
Friends of Westgate ran another fantastic Easter Fair today! A wide and varied range of stalls were on offer, including: Tombola; Raffle; Bottle Stall, Sock Mysteries; Car Racing; Coconut Shy; Beat the Goalie; Soak the Teacher; Cake Stall; Crafts Room; Face Painting and Nail Bar; Wheel of Fortune; Hook a Duck; Lucky Dip; Plant Stall; Hunt the Egg; Tin Can Alley; Target Throw; Lucky Envelopes; Treasure Hunt; School Uniform; Soft Toy Surprise; Books and Toys; Jam Jars; Bacon Butties... A truly comprehensive selection!
Huge thanks go to eveyrone who contributed goods or cakes, to those who helped to man the stalls, to everyone who came and spent money, and to everyone who helped to clear away- especially Mr Wardman and Mrs Whitehead. Above all, thanks to the organising team who made sure everything ran so smoothly: Claire Marsh, Gail Brogden and Liz Bownes.
Early indications suggest a profit in excess of £2100... a fantastic achievement! Well done to all concerned.