Black History Month Events

1st October 2015
We've had an exciting couple of weeks learning about many different people and things as part of Black History Month. On Friday last week we all shared our learning about significant black figures.
Y1 shared their learning about the poem, Shades of Black
Y2 told us all about the Tanzanian artist, Edward Said Tingatinga
Y3 told us all about Martin Luther King, leader of the American Civil Rights Movement
Y4 told us all about the athlete Mo Farah
Y5 told us all about the artist Julien Sinzogan
Y6 told us all about the athletes Jesse Owens and Usain Bolt.
This week, KS2 have taken part in a workshop to learn the Brazilian martial arts dance, Capoeira. KS1 have made beautiful Africam masks and learned an African dance whihc they performed for parents and carers!