Sponsored Roller Racing

18th November 2016
Today children from Reception to Y6 took part in our first sponsored roller racing event, to raise money for Children in Need and Friends of Westgate. Run in conjunction with Otley Cycle Club, who kindly provided all the equipment and who ran the day, courtesy of Rob and Ben (ably assisted by Ben's daughter Poppy, who had a training day), in total 125 children had a go!
Reception and Y1 raced over 250 m, while Y2 upwards raced over 500 m and everyone pedalled like fury!  Not only that, their classmates cheered them on with gusto!
The fastest boy and girl in each class were (times in brackets):
Reception: Theo B (1:01) and Louise (0:58)
Year 1: Elliott S (0:38) and Jessica (0:35)
Year 2: Ethan (0:35) and Lily (0:59)
Year 3: Mikey (0:44) and Caitlin (0:44)
Year 4: Oliver (0:38) and Elspeth (0:43)
Year 5: Alfie and Robin (0:36) and Sarah (0:34)
Year 6: Dylan (0:36) and Abbie (0:32)
and the fastest in the school were:
Jack W Y5 (0:27) and Isobel Y6 (0:24)
Sponsorship money should be handed in by December 9th, at which point we will award prizes for the children who raise the most money.
Huge thanks to Rob, Ben, Poppy and Otley Cycle Club for a great day. And look out for roller racing at the Easter Fair!
In total we have raised  £1658.84! The girl and boy who raised the most money in sponsorship are Maria in Y1 (£590) and Harrison in Y6 (£150). Well done to everyone who raised money, from the smallest to the largest amounts- every little bit has helped us to raise a fantastic amount of money to be split between BBC Children in Need and Friends of Westgate, to the tune of £829.42 each. Thank you everyone!