Headteacher's Welcome

My name is Helen Carpenter and I’m Headteacher at Westgate. I’d like to welcome you to our website; I hope that you enjoy browsing and that you can find any information you need. All the staff and children at Westgate are very proud of their school and I’m certainly very proud to be the headteacher.

• We have very special children who work hard and who genuinely care about each other and other people.
• There is a real sense of parents, staff and pupils working happily and successfully together.
• We are very much involved with the local community.
• We have high standards of achievement and behaviour.
• The staff are highly skilled and committed to ensuring the best for every single pupil.

Our ethos can be summed up in the words of our mission statement:

Striving For Excellence, Caring For Children

It means that every child matters at Westgate and every decision we take is based on making sure that what we do is in the best interests of the children. We have consistently high standards as measured both by results in the National Tests (SATs) and the progress children make from different starting points, with very pleasing numbers of children achieving at or above age-related expectations at the end of key stages one and two, but it is every bit as important to us that the children at Westgate feel happy and secure, that they respect each other and that they have the self-confidence and self-esteem to achieve their full potential. We don’t just want them to be highly numerate and literate, we want them to have the opportunity to develop their talent in art, music and sport as well.

In this website we have tried to give you a broad overview of the school and to give you the option of downloading further useful information if you need it. Have a look through it all then email us with your comments. We welcome visitors and want you to come and see the children, meet the staff and feel the happy atmosphere for yourself. We would also be pleased to learn more about the school from former pupils. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and thank you for taking the time to look at this website.

Helen Carpenter

The Westgate Vision

At Westgate Primary School, we are committed to promoting the highest possible standards of teaching and learning, to enable everyone to fulfil their potential.

We will always put the best interests and well-being of the children at the heart of everything we do.

To develop self-esteem, we will respect the uniqueness of every member of the school community and value their contribution.

We will ensure that the learning environment we provide is safe and well-ordered to stimulate high standards of achievement and behaviour.

We will build strong collaborative partnerships with parents and the local community and promote respect for and understanding of other communities with an appreciation of diversity.

We want to encourage innovation, so that all members of the Westgate community are able to develop the skills and confidence to cope with the demands of the twenty-first century.

Our Aims

To ensure we achieve our Vision, and so that we can sustain a happy, successful school, we will aim to:

• plan a curriculum that is differentiated, stimulating and utilises technology;
• encourage life-long learning;
• set achievable but challenging goals for improvement;
• embrace change positively and manage it effectively;
• value diversity and encourage inclusion;
• seek opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the local and wider community;
• expect, recognise and celebrate success;
• foster respect for the concept of a sustainable environment;
• establish clear, fair boundaries for behaviour and model the highest possible standards of professionalism;
• ensure that everybody associated with Westgate is kept fully informed about the work of the school so that they will value, respect and listen to each other.

Striving for excellence, caring for children