We have a number of measures in place to reduce our carbon footprint:
  • Photo-voltaic (solar) panels on our KS2 building generate electricity, most of which we use in school, and some of which we feed into the National Grid.
  • Almost all of our lighting is energy efficient LED lighting
  • We turn things off when not in use!
  • All our food waste is collected weekly in order to be recycled and is used to create electricity via anaerobic processing.
  • We recycle as much of our paper, card, metal and plastic as we can.
  • We have stopped using some single use plastics, such as straws, and no longer have unrecyclable milk tetrapaks from our school milk supplier.
  • We provide families with additional recycling opportunities, including: clothing through termly Ragbag collections; spent batteries through The Big Battery Hunt; crisp packet recycling; printer cartridge recycling
You can read our Environmental Education Policy below.
Eco Team meets every half term and works on making our school more environmentally-friendly. It includes children from every year group from Y1 to Y6.
We have achieved Green Flag status- with distinction!
You can read our Action Plan below:
At Westgate, we encourage all families to make sustainable, healthy travel choices for their school journey. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully campaigned to have a pelican crossing installed near school and have marked the pavement to show the safest route to the crossing when travelling from the east of school.
School provides cycle and scooter parking onsite and there are 3 parent shelters in the playground.
In addition, each year we provide children with pedestrian, scooter and bikeability training. This helps children to understand how to be safe on their journey to and from school.
We have a School Travel Plan which summarises the issues, targets and actions we have identified to promote and increase sustainable travel for all families at Westgate. This is updated and added to throughout the year. Our School Travel Policy states our commitment to promoting sustainable travel in school.
We are very proud that we achieved Gold accreditation from Modeshift Stars for our work on School Travel Planning, in September 2021.
You can read our School Travel Policy and Plan below, as well as our Parent Travel Information leaflet, which includes our Drivers Code of Conduct: