Westgate is first class at Otley Carnival!

21st June 2014
Westgate's carnival entry, commemorating the centenary of World War I, won their class today in Otley. There was as ever a fantastic turnout from children and parents, and the Friends of Westgate showcased their creativity and ingenuity in the design of the costumes and props.

Children dressed as poppies and Union Jack bunting, carrying doves of peace or dressed as nurses and civilians of the time, walked behind a biplane and the banner, 'Westgate Primary Remembers', in the spirit of commemoration of the huge sacrifice made by so many during the Great War. Unlike last year, the sun shone on us all as we walked through the spectator-lined streets in the town centre.

Special thanks go to Cathy Macdonald, Hannah Webster, Steph Wood and all of their dedicated team of costume designers and makers, who worked so hard with the children to make their costumes, and of course to everyone who was part of the day and made so much effort to look the part, or who cheered us along the route!