Sustainability Awards on Clean Air Day!

17th June 2021
We were delighted to receive not one but two awards for our school's work on sustainability, on Clean Air Day 2021.
Sustainability is important to everyone at Westgate. Eco Team have been working hard toward our first Eco Schools Green Flag award. Their actions have included:
  • monitoring our energy usage, and the performance of our solar panels
  • finding ways to reduce our water consumption
  • helping to ensure all our food waste is recycled
  • improving classroom recycling
  • tackling litter in the playground
  • taking actions to promote sustainable school travel.
Our work on the last point in that list has also led to Westgate being awarded a Modeshift STARS Silver Award for school travel. We have made sure that we have lots of storage capacity for scooters and cycles,a and agreed a Park & Stride scheme with Waitrose.
One of our biggest successes has been the introduction of the School Streets scheme, which has enabled us to close Scarborough Road to through traffic at the beginning and end of the school day. This has encouraged more families to ditch the car, and made the area immediately outside school much more pleasant for pedestrians, cyclists and scooters. We are hoping that this will be made permanent, subject to public consultation this month.
Well done to the children for their hard work, and thank you to our families for your support in helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.